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Are you thinking about applying to college or graduate school but are nervous about the application process? With the deadline for college applications fast approaching, you have a limited window to prepare a winning series of application essays.

We can help.

For years, Kors Academic Consulting has been helping students craft successful applications, earning them slots at top universities, Ivy League law schools as well as specialty undergraduate and graduate programs.

We'll take you from a blank piece of paper through to a honed collection of applications tailored to the schools you're applying to. To be accepted at the nation's most prestigious universities, you need essays with flair and flawless grammar, words that tell a story and resonate with your voice.

You get one shot to apply to your dream school. And to earn a spot at the university, you'll be squaring off against thousands of others students who will be submitting their own crafted application. Why struggle through the process alone or settle for your back-up school?

Give us a call or send us an email. We'll be there for you every step of the way.

If you're a parent whose child needs help with his college applications, this section is for you.

Application time can be especially difficult for parents who don't want their children to go it alone but don't have the time or expertise it takes to guide them to a successful application.

Learn more about Kors Academic Consulting, our background and awards, and our history of success with student applications.

Interested in working with us but not sure what the process would be like? In this section, you'll hear directly from students we've worked with.

Our students will give you a firm sense of the process, from that first appointment before they had even decided where to apply and had no idea what to say, through to the writing and rewriting stages, until that great day when the acceptance letter arrived in their mailbox.

Have questions about our services? This section should answer many of your inquiries.

If you have further questions, feel free to call at 646-456-7738 or email us at

Getting In is a growing resource for students who want information on how to get into college. Return frequently to read interviews with members of acceptance committees and other experts who can give you the inside track on getting in to the best schools in the country.

Getting In will also feature tips on how to reshape your application, helping you stand out amid the flood of applicants.

When you're ready to move forward and get the individualized assistance, contact us here.

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